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(775) 789-7050

Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00 A.M - 5:00 PM


Our expertise includes open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery for a variety of conditions including gallbladder disease, inguinal, ventral, umbilical and paraesophageal/hiatal hernias, and colorectal surgery, as well as advanced breast surgery techniques for both benign and malignant conditions. All of our surgeons are board-certified and there are no mid-level practitioners — patients see their own surgeon from start to finish, though we work as a team to assist each other as needed. Although we have a new name, we continue to offer comprehensive, compassionate care with cutting-edge technology, and are committed to having our patients achieve their best possible outcome in the most relaxed and professional setting possible.

Our surgeons remain up to date with the most advanced techniques. Common operations we perform include the following:

Open, laparoscopic and robotic (da Vinci) surgery for:

Gallbladder disease

Inguinal, ventral, umbilical and hiatal hernias

Colorectal surgery for benign and cancerous conditions

Advanced breast cancer surgery including oncoplastic techniques (incorporation of plastic surgery techniques for best cosmetic result) and nipple sparing total mastectomies

Anorectal conditions including hemorrhoids, anal fistula, and abscess

Excision of skin and soft tissue masses including melanoma, skin lesions, and lipomas

Dr. Ann Pratt, Dr. Amanda Vanderclay, Dr. Robert Nachtsheim, Dr. Michelle Chu, and Dr. Paul Stumpf are all accepting new patients and remain at our convenient location on the Renown Regional Medical Center campus with adjacent parking garage: 1500 East 2nd Street, Suite 206.

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